London, May 22-25

SolidusConf 2017

Learn. Share. Network.

Hack Days

Martin and Thomas kicked off an informal Hack Days event that covered Monday and Tuesday of the conference. The event drew 50+ developers in a friendly atmosphere where new ideas were born, some bugs fixed and a good deal of PR’s were inspired if not made.

Conference Day 1

We packed our second SolidusConf venue in London, UK. Our first keynote of the conference, Clarke Brunsdon, kicked it off with a talk about the future of Solidus.

Pub Night

We couldn't throw a tech conference without a pub night to bring everyone together! We threw the party at The Minories pub, just around the corner from the conference venue.

Conference Day 2

We started the second day a little later to accomodate the late-to-bed, late-to-rise-ers from the party the night before. Tal Oron kicked us off with an inside look at Lost My Name.